In any aspect of life, attention and awareness foster growth.
~ Deepak Chopra

As you begin to really pay attention to your life, your actions and reactions, your relationships - you become more aware of what you want and how to be that. Foster a transformation beyond what you ever thought possible. ~ Sharon & Maureen

We invite you to follow the journey of two sisters living yoga on & off the mat.  Sharon, the older sister, is a beginner on the yoga path.  Maureen is a yoga teacher/former studio owner, practitioner of over 10 years and leads a teacher training/develop your practice program. Being new to yoga, Sharon is uncertain about what to expect.  She will blog and share other information about her experiences from the beginner’s mind.  Maureen will incorporate her knowledge of yoga in a way to deepen Sharon’s (and other's) understanding and to support her sister’s journey of self discovery and transformation, while continuing to learn herself.

We are both entering the second phase of our lives.  Our intention is to apply the wisdom we have gained thus far to maintain balance in body, mind and spirit while encouraging others to do the same.  We want everyone to recognize it is never too late to start something new and we want people of all ages to support one another as we encounter challenges in life.  Our website will include, but not be limited to, articles and links about strength, wisdom, attitude, intention, awareness, peace, vision and core values.  We hope to inspire you to include yoga, and other holistic modalities, in your daily lives, integrating the benefits in a way that contributes to a more peaceful way of being in the world.

Send us an email (see below) and ask us any question you want. 
It does not have to be related to yoga or any other topics we normally discuss - it can be about A N Y T H I N G!
And it can be totally anonymous!  Often when we have an important question we are wrestling with, it is one that so many others are asking themselves.  Your question, and hopefully our answer/thoughts, can help more than just you.


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